Philipp Pawelka Photography

Professional wildlife, landscape and portrait photographer

Philipp Pawelka is a professional photographer specialising in wildlife, landscape and portrait photography. He has been travelling extensively around the world to capture its natural beauty in all its variety, always looking for remote and unspoiled places where nature is still pure.

Philipp’s photographs cover fascinating countries such as Cuba, Iceland, Jamaica, Libya, Madagascar, Maldives, Mongolia, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Oman and the Caribbean.

To promote specifically Philipp’s Barcelona tours where he offers people the opportunity to improve their photographic skills while discovering off-the-beaten-paths of the city with him. Creating two campaigns to work on a multi media platform. To design and create a template for print and digital communications.

For the launch of his two new products in February 2019, we designed and built a bespoke template that could be used to show and explore the beautiful city of Barcelona. Designed to showcase Philipp’s multi-talents across this magnificent city. Campaigns were created using his photography with a modern approach using strong typography. Supporting digital communications were designed to be in keeping with the new look and feel. A template was designed for branded emailers for his fast growing database.

The printed material promotes Philipps profile and increases client awareness. Assets were provided for social media to boost the campaigns.

Brand identity, print and digital communications, concept and design of print and email campaigns.

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